Ericson Just

Comedian, Podcaster, Etc...

I'm A Small Guy with Myself

Almost thought this was gonna go up super late due to my inability to find an SD card adapter I forgot I kept in my glove box.

In this ramble I talk about how I used to get my oil changed like and idiot, the time I called a cop a pig, and how short guys need jackets to look normal.

I'm Quirky with My Brother Clayton

This felt like we weren't firing on all cylinders when we recording it but looking back it's a perfect example of my dynamic with the most sociable of siblings.

In this conversation we talk about a lot of things that happened in our youth that may bore you but entertain me endlessly. If you've been longing for a more personal episode that gives insight into my upbringing and my relationship with my family: this is it.

I'm An Abrupt Person with Myself

Another episode that demonstrates my rare tendency to contradict myself.

In this ramble I talk about getting more quality time on stage than quantity this year, the problem of doing freeform episodes between pre-recorded episodes, and how kids are supposed to ruin marriages. 

I'm Reflexive with Myself

I don't want to be like this. But I'm too tired to fight it.

In this ramble I talk about my abrasive personality, how I'm kind of hard on myself just for show, and how even when I'm not censoring myself I'm holding back some really rancid shit.