Ericson Just

Comedian, Podcaster, Etc...

I'm Quirky with My Brother Clayton

This felt like we weren't firing on all cylinders when we recording it but looking back it's a perfect example of my dynamic with the most sociable of siblings.

In this conversation we talk about a lot of things that happened in our youth that may bore you but entertain me endlessly. If you've been longing for a more personal episode that gives insight into my upbringing and my relationship with my family: this is it.

I'm An Abrupt Person with Myself

Another episode that demonstrates my rare tendency to contradict myself.

In this ramble I talk about getting more quality time on stage than quantity this year, the problem of doing freeform episodes between pre-recorded episodes, and how kids are supposed to ruin marriages. 

I'm Reflexive with Myself

I don't want to be like this. But I'm too tired to fight it.

In this ramble I talk about my abrasive personality, how I'm kind of hard on myself just for show, and how even when I'm not censoring myself I'm holding back some really rancid shit. 

I'm Making Moves with Myself

I finally made it into Los Angeles and as per usual the city has made me a mental mess.

In this ramble I talk about guesting on other peoples podcasts, why I don't think catcalling is one of the biggest problems, and how so much is happening I can barely keep up.

I'm In Kansas with Myself

I wish there was more to say about it.

In this ramble I talk about the insane amount of abandoned cars on the highway in Missouri and Illinois, how you really can't check into hotels at 4AM, and how I'm not good on other people's podcasts. 

I'm The Kind Of Person Who Would Start A Sentence With "I'm The Kind Of Person" with Liz Glazer

It's incredible. I almost forgot to edit this episode. Not for lack of interest. Liz is actually one of the most honest and inspiring guests I've had of late and this episode is essential in the journey of figuring out what this podcast is and how to do it.

In this conversation we talk about my willingness to engage, my lack of sensitivity, and how everything we do is always about us even when we act like it's about others (especially podcasts).

I'm In Detroit with Myself

I'm finally out of Pennsylvania but I'm still seeing family.

In this ramble I talk about what it's like having interviewed four out of five of may immediate family members, how I couldn't get married without planning on divorce, and why I think this year is going to be the yeah of "meh".