Ericson Just

Comedian, Podcaster, Etc...

I'm Feeling Slightly Accomplished with Myself

I think I'm finally getting a little better at this thing... or maybe I'll just peppy because people keep hitting me up that they're listening.

In this ramble I talk about the time I made "Thank You" video for everyone who voted for my first feature in a film festival, cable television, and how "incel" is the new "retard".

I'm A Big Question Mark with Elie ElHabr

I've been doing the solo episodes for so long now I almost forgot I do a Q&A still on Thursdays.

In this conversation we talk about my strange relationship with my hometown sports teams, why I laugh even when people's jokes don't land, and wether or not being a therapist is good for being a comedian.

I'm Gushing with Myself

I'm trying to make these shorter not just to keep you entertained but to make sure I don't reach my bandwidth limit prematurely. 

In this ramble I talk about how great it feels to watch your colleagues grow, how I think I always have more time than I do, and how I've never gotten my full deposit back on an apartment.