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I'm A Cactus with Sam Clark

This was the first interview in a long time that the recording neared two hours. But that's what I get for letting Sam Clark get me to drink two whole beers during the recording. Let that be a lesson to anyone who comes on the podcast: bring beers and I can't say no... unless I have to get up early the next day.

Sam was one of those white guys I didn't trust initially. Maybe it's cause he looks so much like the nice guy who waits for you to really piss off your girlfriend so he can swoop in (I wish I'd told him that during the podcast) but after getting to know him better I realized he's actually just as sweet and well meaning as his stage persona. It also doesn't hurt that he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me during the recording of this episode.

In this interview we talk about my penchant for resolving beefs on stage for entertainment, my reputation with the reputable, and even air out a small beef in the episode that wasn't even mine.