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I'm Gay with Rob Pugliese

I gotta say this has ended up being one of my favorite episodes. I only asked Rob to do the show as a stretch for myself to approach comics I respect but didn't know well enough to know if they'd dig the format and boy was I pleasantly surprised. 

Rob was actually one of the first comics I ever talked to. We get it mixed up in this episode but our first words were spoken at Nectar, a mic I bombed at royally after thinking I was finally getting the hang of this comedy thing. I remember seeing him the next day asking him how his set went and he said "Oh horrible. I'm never going back to that place again" and I felt comfortable to know it wasn't just me. 

In this conversation we talk about how you should be aware if you are funny or not, if feelings are valid, and wether it's bad to admit you're a narcissist.