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I'm Trying Something Different with Myself

I was hoping I could hold out till at least the 100th episode before trying this if not at the most wait out till "Season 3" but I can't help feel like the universe is pushing me to kick it up a notch and start trying something different NOW.

JustEricson is going to continue it's regularly scheduled programming but I've also been getting tired of talking about myself (as I've said multiple times in previous episodes) and have been wanting to expand the podcast's content while also kind of narrowing it's scope if that makes any sense. Look, as I realized recording this: it's gonna be a rough few first episodes. Anyone who ever wanted to see what I was like when I started stand-up may enjoy how I fumble my way into getting comfortable rambling on my own in front of the mic. If not, you're sure to enjoy the more dynamic and eccentric conversations I'm sure to have with my future guests. 

In this ramble I get take a drag of a joint literally as I hit the record button and try to explain myself as to why I'm doing this now, what it's supposed to be, and what it means for the future.