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I'm Pleasant with Mike Eshaq

Tried my best to cut this under thirty minutes but honestly you should be disappointed you're not getting the entire interview cause talking with Mike is like talking with the part of your subconscious you wish you could tap into every hour of the day. Not only is he one of the most positive and encouraging people I've met in the comedy scene: he'll joke about anything, nothing is off limits, and the worse the better. 

Whenever anyone wants to commend me on how much I grew and accomplished my first year in stand-up I always point to Mike to show them what real progress looks like. We both started around the same exact time hitting the comedy scene and while I may have gotten exceptional at the craft aspect, Mike has been killing it at the business side. 

In this conversation we talk about... fuck we talk about everything: how to set goals, writing processes, my arrogant vocabulary and the disadvantages and advantages for Muslims and Jews in comedy.