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I'm Full Time Working At It with Amir Kalil

I edited this episode ironically after my father had lectured me about wether this comedy thing was right for me because as far as he could tell after seeing my act: I wasn't any WORSE than anyone but whose to say I was any better?

I only bring that up because if there's anyone who makes me feel like I'm on the right path it's Amir Kalil. As you'll hear in this episode, he couldn't tell if I had been doing this six years when he first saw me or if I just didn't know what I was doing which I prefer to look at as a compliment.

In all seriousness though Amir is a killer and his seal of approval is not something I take lightly. He's also a gem of a comedian himself and I've yet to meet anyone who uses a guitar in their act better than he does. 

In this conversation we talk about my right moves starting at comedy, my wrong moves since starting comedy, and premiere Amir's 1st hit single single "Stronger Than Nature" from the Album; Songs in the Key of A$$. Available for streaming and downloads on all music apps and platforms. Look out for the YouTube video in mid July. Very funny. <--- He wrote that part.