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I'm Woody Allen Meets Marc Maron with Chris Dunham

Chris Dunham is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of North Hollywood stand-up (even though he says he's become more a Han Solo than a Luke during the course of this podcast). He's older than most, more experienced than most, and over-all more at peace with himself than most comics you find at open-mics. I could easily see himself sacrificing himself on stage for the benefit of a younger more hopeful comic... but not me.

The guy is just full of thoughtful musings in life and stand up and if you ever get a chance to sit down with him and chat I wouldn't pass up the opportunity. 

In this interview we talk about the obvious notion that I am much like Marc Maron despite having rarely seen his work, my ticks on stage, my desire to be a parent, and of course: sex.