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I'm Ericson! with Justin Sherman

For a moment this episode was going to be twenty-seven plus minutes and then at the last second I cut a good four minute chunk I really liked out just to get back into the under twenty-five range. As you'll be able to tell from the mutual dick riding in this episode: I really like Justin, so it was hard to find stuff I could bear leaving out.

I remember seeing Justin over a year ago for the first time when I went to the inaugural 420 Comedy Show at Wake and Bake and realized I have a long way to go but we didn't actually share words until he happened to show up at my first self produced comedy show at Tea Pop at the end of 2017. That to me was a small but good sign I was doing things right.

In this interview we talk about how I'm envious of people who can talk about birds on stage, my secret competitiveness with other podcasters, and how I'm strangely prudish in life and in my act.