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I'm Just Asking The Question No One Wants To Ask with Ellen Doyle

Ellen's become one of my closest friends in comedy to date. We get each other: We both have dark senses of humor. Both come from Pennsylvania. Both are considered brave. 

I met Ellen in an odd way when I essentially did crowd work the first time but we got to know each other better while attending the feedback mic on Saturday's at Fourth Wall where we began to realize we we're both late bloomers working our asses off to catch up. Since then we've toured together in Arizona (actually we currently are touring Arizona as I write this description few to none of you will bother to read) and helped supported each other in finding better avenues to improve our careers.

In this interview we talk about my fascinating desire to crash sets as hard as possible, my morbid fascination with the thing we run from, and my desire to want people to take risks.