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I'm Better One On One with Jihan Sabir

Finally! An episode that I got down to my preferred 21 minute run time! Not without effort! Jihan and I talked for nearly two hours during this recording and went everywhere from Disneyland to Race relations. 

I met Jihan after during my second month at stand-up and remember being worried that she didn't like me since I had just had a really bad experience doing mic's that week and was sure word had gotten around that I was bad news. Of course the truth is always worse than that and nobody knew or gave a fuck who I was. Still Jihan has always been a friendly face to bump into at a mic. Loving, playful, and opinionated. 

In this interview we get to the bare bones about me and talk about my hidden heart, my choice of clothing, and (of course) who had it worse: the jews or black people.