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I'm Neurotic But Inspired with Eric Rocha

Hands down the hardest episode I've had to edit yet. I think I may have fucked this one up honestly. There was just so much good stuff and so many honest moments that I'd almost feel comfortable posting the entire conversation without editing if I didn't have strict practices and hated the idea of posting episodes over thirty minutes. That said Eric Rocha is one of the most compassionate and honest comics I know who will always go to bat for people he believes in.

If you don't know Eric you don't really know the Fourth Wall because he stands for everyhing the place is about. Like Fourth Wall he's very intimidating at first glance but the more time you spend getting to know him and sharing your truth the more you realize he's the most welcoming and promotive comic/person you can imagine. He's pretty much The Fourth Wall Mascot and I'm so glad he did this episode because I feel like I could talk to him for days about comedy from the life of amateurs to the craft of the pros. 

In this conversation we talk about my ability to take criticism as well as dish it out, my most recent risk one stage, and the things comedians do that inspire us to be better.