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I'm A Gremlin with Joe Welkie

I love everyone I interview... for the most part. But I actually fell deeper in love with Joey during this recording. Maybe it's an east coast thing but it's always nice when you can sit down with someone, slag each other, slag yourselves, and slag the world. We all need to vent sometimes and Joey is one of my favorite people to grieve with.

Joey's comedy is a lot like mine although I'd be insane if I didn't say he's more polished and practiced: it's challenging, playfully cruel, and honest. I actually liked Joey long before I even seen his act, which is worry-some for a comic because you can like someone and not think they're funny, but the first time I saw him perform a tight three at Flapper's Comedy club I knew I'd found another comic I'd want to share a stage with. 

In this interview Joey and I talk about my obnoxious habit of butting into conversations, the struggles of having your Facebook taken as a merit of character, and my inability to eat pizza.