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I'm Loyal with Joe Manente

I love Joe. I can't say that enough. The guy works almost every night hosting five to six open mics at his hole in the wall Fourth Wall Studio: the hard-core no holds barred gym of LA open mics (and my favorite place in town to try out new and raw material) and he always does his best to remain fair and reasonable whenever things don't go as planned. He's promotive. He's encouraging. He's sincerely interested in people getting better and he's not dismissive of anyone's point of view. Just don't go to the bathroom right before the show starts.

This was actually the first time I've ever sat with Joe outside of the comedy scene but as to be expected nothing was any different from the conversations we've had the numerous times I've shown up at his mic or living room shows half an hour early. 

In this interview we talk about how much I clearly hate myself, how far I've come in just one year as a comic, and what kind of voice I am developing in comedy.