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I'm An 80's Comedian with Matt Jones

I consider Matt to be my doppelgänger from another universe. We're both short, we're both exceptionally charismatic, we both wear cool jackets, we talk about similar topics, we're big into doing unplanned sets, we're both gemini's, and yet we're both extremely different in temperament and he has a way better smile than I ever will.

Matt was the first comedian ever to give me a legitimate compliment. He was actually the first comedian I ever asked for advice from as well. Maybe it's because we're so similar that I felt he was a kindred spirit I could trust or maybe it's because I kept running into him at Haha and he let me have the bullet once. Either way he's a guy I'm eternally thankful to have met so early in my career.

In this conversation we talk about the fears of parenting through positivity, my great energy, and the awful state of my bathroom.