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I'm Harmless with Mikey McKernan

I'm gonna put this out there knowing I'm probably going to get shit for it but I consider Mikey the ginger of stand up comedians. He's a pallet cleanser and he goes great with anything... Yeah, I'm definitely going to get shit for that. But it's true. What I love about Mikey is his comedy act is so uniquely his own and so well tuned that you could put him on any show and it would still fit perfectly... maybe I should have said he's the cinnamon of stand up comedians.

It's impossible to be in the LA Comedy scene and not know who Mikey McKernan is. No one looks like him. No one acts like him. And if there's an open mic somewhere he'll usually show up. He's always friendly and despite never letting any opportunity to make a joke slip by he is still always genuine and kind. 

In this conversation I find out where Mikey's signature line came from, why wearing shorts on stage is such a bad idea, and why I having one name as an artist is just pretentious as fuck.