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I'm A Black Comic In A White Body with Willie Macc

Real recognize real and Willie Macc is familiar as fuck.

I can’t even begin to convey to you the grounded realness Willie brings to any mic he's in front of. Even as I write this I am listening to him be interviewed on another podcast retelling a story that literally send shivers down my spine. He’s so good he turns that podcast back on me more than once by asking the more interesting questions. My point is I love Willie. Which may come as no surprise by the title of this episode: the greatest compliment I can receive from anyone.

I cut so much out of this episode. I wish I could have spend more time with it. But it’s literally 15 minutes before the air date and I have to get this episode up.

In this interview we talk about dating white girls, my style, and — of course — saying the n-word on stage.