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I'm Confrontational with Andy Picarro

People have said I'm fun to watch and if that is true Andy is fun to listen to. There's few people who have tastes that really matter to me and Andy is one of those rare breeds who I could just talk comedy and life for hours with outside a mic. Hence we have on our hands another longer than usual episode.

I'll be honest I didn't even think much of Andy when I first met him but as soon as I saw his set I knew this was not only a pro but a guy who had an honest point of view I could get down with. He's certainly one of the few comics I know who I always learn something from watching him work even if it's at a mic with only one person. 

In this interview we talk about why it's not good to judge a comic's act when they're less than four years into the game, the benefits of having jokes that rely on a distinct voice, and break down what my apartment says about me as a person.