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I'm The Linchpin with Lu Garcia

Lu and I have a very "philadelphian" relationship. Honest, curt, slightly cruel but deeply woven with love. When I worked at Apple Retail, there was a group of guys you wanted to get in with and Lu was one of those guys. Over the years I've battled hoards of nazi zombies with Lu, played hours of poker well into the morning, and even got him into Magic: The Gathering of which he now dominates me at every time we play. 

I'd been trying to get him to come back up to Los Angeles to record but seeing as he couldn't find a solid weekend away I decided to drive down to him in San Diego.

In this interview we immediately re-examine an old email Lu once sent telling me to fuck off, a triple date night that I still get inappropriately blamed for ruining, and how I act like my life is a TV Show.