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I'm A Large Unsweet Iced Jasmine Green Tea with Chelsea Langenderfer

Chelsea is a pinch-hitter of sorts for the podcast but the kind of pinch-hitter that turns the game completely around. 

I've known Chelsea a long time and for the bulk of that period it was as "the little blonde Christian girl that thinks I'm going to hell when she serves me my tea" (that's right it's another Tea Pop employee) and rightly so as I was a crass and judgmental prick to her upon our first meeting. You could say we've come along way. 

In fact. We've actually never hung out or even seen each other outside of Tea Pop but when I asked if she had an opinion about me Chelsea's eyes lit up in a way I have never seen before. 

In this conversation we talk about our first impressions of each other, how I hold people accountable, and my almost destructive passion to make the art that I want.