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I'm Not Special In Anyway with Igor Hiller

I love getting to know Igor because getting to know Igor means learning more about myself... Yeah that was written on the fly without even thinking about how it could be interpreted. Which is kind of perfect considering this episode starts right off the top with a huge discussion about the time I insulted one of Igor's closest friends the second time I met them. 

My point is Igor has a natural ability to hone in and get people talking about the way they think and how they think about it… probably why he has his own podcast called “How Are You Thinking About?” and why I started hosting a second podcast with him called "What Are You Working On?"

In this interview Igor get's me to talk about how I communicate in a way that might not be conducive to positive interactions, my childhood trauma with my mom, and why I embraced my narcissistic proclivities and started a podcast that is all about people talking about me. 

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"How Are You Thinking About":

"What Are You Working On":