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I'm Grounded And In My Own World with Alexa Berry

I'm going to give you a little insider baseball on this one: there were so many great thirty second bits throughout this conversation that it was almost a quadruple level Sophie's choice which clip was going to make it as the stinger (I think it's obvious why the winner prevailed). 

Alexa is one third of the producing team that cast me in the comedy web-series Dirty Talk that we shot in 2015 (I think...? Definitely while I was living in my car, of which they were all unaware of) and since starting the podcast has always sent me encouraging Facebook messages about the show so when she happened to be in America for a weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to get her on.

In this conversation we talk about my regrets on the set of Dirty Talk, my off-kilter sense of humor, and lightly graze the origins of my distrust in people.