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I'm A Manipulative Therapist with Marta Mack

And now for something different. 

Marta and I have known each other since high-school. She was part of a group of alt-girls (we're talking "alternative" by Radnor High-school's -- the most overfunded public school in the county, rivaling the pretension of local private schools -- definition) whom I use to antagonize during lunch. Of the four of them, Marta was the one who grew the most fondness for me and her and I continued our sordid relationship through college and into so-called "adulthood". We've have our ups and downs and -- like most of my longest standing relationships -- our moments of radio silence. But she did me a solid and came all the way from Philadelphia to record an episode for me and for that I'm eternally grateful to have her as my number one fan.

In this conversation (which does become a full out argument), we touch upon our history together, what makes me worth keeping around, and wether it is appropriate to wait inside the LAX terminal (as opposed to outside) for someone to pick you up.