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I'm Non-Compliant with My Dad

I've rarely been able to get it right with my dad and this interview was no different. After packing up all my equipment to take down with me to the Island Hotel in Newport Beach and setting up the whole recording rig in my dad's hotel room, the audio input shorted and died on me. Not to be dissuaded (certainly not in front of my father) I repacked all the equipment and drove fifty-eight miles back up to my place in order to test and confirm the unit was broken (it was) and then figure out an alternative recording strategy before sleeping for three hours and waking up at 6:00AM to drive another fifty-eight miles back to my father's hotel only to realize I had forgotten one of the mic stands. 


In this interview we talk about what I was like as a child, the most traumatizing memory of my childhood that has spurred an endless debate in my family regarding my character, and enjoy a spontaneous digression from my sister, Remington.