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I'm The Tom Hanks Of Stand Up Comedy with Nick Kramer

Nick Kramer was the body of the Voltron that was made up of Breeanna Judy, Bobby Hooper, Jose De Los Angeles, and myself (I'm one of the arms by the way) back when I lived with all of them in the well remembered "Debbie House". He and I use to have long conversations at night about film theory and eventually worked together on a short film project that, like all great first time creative endeavors, lead to a huge disagreement. That said, I've always thought of him as one the classiest and charming people I know. 

In this conversation we do something I've been looking forward to trying out: talk about old episodes and what they convey about my character and the people in my life. We also talk about my most recent attempt to get to know someone that ended in disaster and my secret to re-writing screenplays overnight, all while ignoring the construction crew as they install a new furnace in my building.