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I'm A Guy Whose Still Trying To Figure Things Out with Blair Bendler

No one who knows me would ever know how much I adore Blair. He's not a guy I talk to often and  often not someone I talk about. He's kind of just a guy I use to work with who I often kept company as we made trips to Ikea in an attempt to furnish his new house but he's also one of the most natural funny and passionate people I know. Just an all around good guy with a chip on his shoulder. You know, someone just like me. He introduced me to Todd Barry, gave me a lot of shit for being tactless and cruel, and shared a lot of my grievances with modern day customer service. 

In this interview we talk about how I use to be really mean to people I didn't like, how I've come a long way since my days of being estranged from my family, and my weakest bit so far.