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I'm A Con Artist with Jon Mendte

Crazy we went this long without this title. 

Every episode I try to take a risk and do something different and this one I decided to break form and add a ten minute tag to the episode. But that's kind of how conversations go with Jon and I: I always expect it to be light and short but it always ends up being way deeper and longer than I could anticipate. Like me, Jon enjoys getting to hear how people tick and having not sat down with each other in half a decade he was very interested in finding out how I've changed from the person he once worked with in a store that will remain known in this episode as "The Fruit Stand".

In this interview we talk about my duplicitous behavior in the workplace, my futile attempts at giving people the power to choose their own feelings, and if you stay after the credits: three of the most impactful events I experience in my last five years in Los Angeles that changed me into who I am now. 

Like I said: kind of a deep episode.