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I'm Puritanical with Rae Scharfman

So this is one of those unusual episodes that ends up being a personal favorite of mine even though it's a bit long and unconventional. This episode was a hard edit. So much actually ended up on the cutting room floor and I probably could have trimmed it even more ruthlessly but I really enjoyed the topics we covered and the places our conversation went. 

I literally met Rae for the first time the night before we recorded this episode when my friend Joe Wasson (who guested on a previous episode) brought her with him to one of my shows. I'd always wanted to interview someone who had just met me and after hanging out for two hours Rae was more than excited to come on. 

In this interview we try to cut deep and talk about the one that got away, what I think the world owes me, and why I belong in ACA.