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I'm A Kitten Underneath A Blanket That Just Got Thrown On The Floor with Lauren Compton

It's kind of a month of strangers as I continue to talk with people I've only met one or two times on very brief but meaningful occasions. Lauren is no exception. We had only seen each other on three occasions up until this point: at an audition, at her birthday, and at her latest comedy set at the Haha Club in North Hollywood. That's not to say we're not fond of each other. If there's one thing I love about Lauren (and let's be real, there is plenty to love about her) it's her work ethic. In Hollywood you meet a lot of girls who are as gorgeous as Lauren, but few who are as ambitious and headstrong.

In this interview we talk about how I'm "going to make it", how I don't care what I look like, and the hands down best metaphor ever made to explain my overall brand of person.