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I'm A Great Character with Bobby Hooper

I met Bobby my first night living on Bree's couch, who you might remember from the previous episode. Bobby has always been like a surrogate brother to me. A kindred spirit of the lost dreamer I see in myself. Bobby has helped me out in a number of ways, providing me with his car for my short film productions, brokering my own car that I had bought on an ill advised whim, and even introducing me to one of my best-friends: Sarah, who happens to be next weeks guest. You could say it's a trip down memory-lane as we celebrate the beginning of the new year. 

In this conversation: we don't talk about any of that stuff in the previous paragraph. In fact, Bobby is notorious for going on tangents and I'm a sucker for a good digression. We do however get a little topical while talking about the small ways in which I've impacted Bobby's life and the way he perceives some of my guests to pussyfoot around their negative feelings towards me as well as revisit my petty aggravations over certain people who refuse to come on the show. 

Bobby is not the biggest social media person but he is executive producing an album for the band Teleskopes who you can find on soundcloud here: