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I'm Not A Total Nightmare with Breeanna Judy

I lived on Bree's couch for the majority of my first year in Los Angeles and since then she has always considered me a part of her urban family and I've alway taken advantage of that relationship to the best of my benefit. Case in point: Bree saved my ass this week by jumping in last minute to fill a spot the original guest decided to bail on last minute (and I'm clearly not bitter as this description and podcast content will attest to). Regardless, this may not be the podcast guest you were expecting but it is the guest you need. Bree's honesty and critical nature has always been a boon to my excessive desire to find my blind spots and figure out how to fit in the world. Too bad she has the memory of a sieve. 

In this interview we explore the limits of Bree's memory as I attempt to remind her of all my mad-cap shenanigans while living under her roof, why I'm destined to be a divorcee with children of varying mothers, and revisit a pick-up line bit from an earlier episode that apparently is not as clever as I initially thought. 

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