Ericson Just

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I'm Proud Of Myself with Myself

Back on the horse and ready to fall flat on my face again... and again.

In this ramble I talk about the enjoyment of getting to know who you are to people, why it might just be better to lie to people you're interested in, and how amazing it is to look back at where I started and see how far I've come.

I'm Not Letting Anything Go To My Head with Myself

This episode is so bad considering the great night I had. Maybe I need to record right after the success or I should just accept I have a real issue letting myself revel in a good time.

I this ramble I talk about my most recent show at the Comedy Store, why I like comedy way more than making films, and how everyone has a podcast.

I'm Comfortable with Myself

This is a good episode. This me on a good day. This is closer to what I am aiming for.

In this ramble I talk about reaching new heights on the podcast, why I don't watch videos of my stand-up right after recording, and the number one "compliment" I've been getting about my stand-up since I started. 

I'm Fine with Myself

I'm enjoying myself so I figured I'd post a little later than usual.

In this ramble I talk about my short experience in Vegas, how a shows environment can effect the success of said show, and the best way a dating app could work.

I'm On My Own Thing with Austin Train

This episode is late and it almost didn't happen as I lost the original recording and was sick when we recorded the second time.

In this conversation we talk about how I can't hide my agitation with doing something I don't want to do, where people get their opinions, and my fear of working for the establishment.

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I'm Gonna Hear Both Perspectives with Rob Banks

We're late but we're finally doing it: we're brining people back on the podcast to see what we have in common and how we're most different.

In this interview we talk about my hard work towards being a stand up, how I have to play the politic in booking shows and banning people, and some roasts jokes from an episode we never did.