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I'm Comfortable with Myself

This is a good episode. This me on a good day. This is closer to what I am aiming for.

In this ramble I talk about reaching new heights on the podcast, why I don't watch videos of my stand-up right after recording, and the number one "compliment" I've been getting about my stand-up since I started. 

I'm Fine with Myself

I'm enjoying myself so I figured I'd post a little later than usual.

In this ramble I talk about my short experience in Vegas, how a shows environment can effect the success of said show, and the best way a dating app could work.

I'm On My Own Thing with Austin Train

This episode is late and it almost didn't happen as I lost the original recording and was sick when we recorded the second time.

In this conversation we talk about how I can't hide my agitation with doing something I don't want to do, where people get their opinions, and my fear of working for the establishment.

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I'm Gonna Hear Both Perspectives with Rob Banks

We're late but we're finally doing it: we're brining people back on the podcast to see what we have in common and how we're most different.

In this interview we talk about my hard work towards being a stand up, how I have to play the politic in booking shows and banning people, and some roasts jokes from an episode we never did.

I'm A Small Guy with Myself

Almost thought this was gonna go up super late due to my inability to find an SD card adapter I forgot I kept in my glove box.

In this ramble I talk about how I used to get my oil changed like and idiot, the time I called a cop a pig, and how short guys need jackets to look normal.