Ericson Just

Comedian, Podcaster, Etc...

When I'm not on stage as a performer I tend to be on the sidelines capturing them. While I have a background in taking photos for all types of events my trade gives me plenty experience in capturing moments during live shows, specifically stand up.  

It's not just enough to capture the shot either. All of photos go through a thorough developing process: correcting the color while making adjustments to bring out details and colors that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Along side taking photos I also run two instagram accounts that feature the sum of my work: @OpenMicers which features photos taken in around open mic's across the country  and features up and coming comics and veteran pros working out their material in the best place to get honest feedback: an open mic.

@justericsonphoto features photos from comedy shows as well as headshots, lifestyle photos, and various personal photo projects I have produced over the years working as a cinematographer.

If your interested in any of my services please contact me at