Ericson Just

Comedian, Podcaster, Etc...

Maybe I'll Write Something Else, But Today, I Decided To Get Ahead In My Work


    Samuel sat alone at his table in the cafe looking out the large shop window as the cars passed by. Around him were people of various types of professions and ages. There was even a child in accompaniment of a older man — most likely between thirty-nine and forty-five, Samuel wagered in his mind. His mind actually satthese two, whom he assumed was a family unit, for a good several seconds longer than the cute brunette sitting not ten feet away from them as she worked on a medium sized touchpad, propped up and accessorize with one of those foldable cases that have a built in keyboard attachment that connects wirelessly and drain the battery. She hand on a trendy leather jacket and sharp heeled boots. Her jeans were fitted and cut off just inches above her shoes showing some leg (she must either be wearing short socks or none at all). He hair cascaded over her shoulders as her eyes seemed laser focused on whatever her fingers were creating on the screen as they dances from key to key. She wasn’t Samuel’s type, but she was cute and Samuel always noticed. 

    But then the father and daughter — a little girl, also brunette, her hair tied up with a nylon band at the top of her head, dancing around her father in a bright neon pink t-shirt and white slacks with pink flowers printed all over them. Her feet making soft clacks on the ground with her plastic… jellies were they called? Clear clogs made up of some polyurethane compound with a shit-ton of glitter added to the mix to give them a whimsical play aesthetic. She seemed to have an unbridled sense of joy and excitement for the world around her and her father, a tall man with the classic five o'clock shadow accompanied with a plaid button down and khaki ordeal, looked on to her with that kind of relaxed appreciation Samuel could never muster in any exchange. At least he never felt that.

    He turned back to the window. Watching the cars go by as they reflected sunlight off of their pastel colored chassis and right into the eye of the observer. Little flashes of punishment and pain as he tried to enjoy the view of the outside world.