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This Years Resolutions - Status Update 001

    The trick is to set reasonable goals that you can incrementally adjust as you go.

    I started this year with four weekly goals: one podcast, one blog post, one video, and one open mic. It’s been roughly three months and I’ve kept to that commitment. In fact, I increased the dosage: this week I’ve gone to at least one open mic (if not more) every night of the week except Tuesday (Tuesday’s are dicey — I have therapy and acting class goes till 11:15 at night… I suppose eventually I could stop at a late mic somewhere in the city but I’ve learned not to push myself harder than necessary: before I started doing this six nights a week I aimed at doing it three times a night, four nights a week). I’ve reached 27 of my 100 sets I intend to accomplish over the course of the year. 

    I maybe have two or three solid jokes. 

    I’ve even added two new commitments to each-day at the beginning of this week: one instagram photo and one tweet — yeah, I’m working on my social media presence. So far I haven’t missed a day. I’m also adding a very hokey practice of writing down at least three things I’m grateful for to boot.

    This has worked well. It’s a good way to get me to create things but also a good way to help me not be too precious and become more and more comfortable failing. I even thought I’d come short today with a video but still pulled something out of my ass last minute by just sticking to my promise. I guess that’s the trick: showing up to do the work so you can get comfortable failing so you can get comfortable taking chances and eventually start making something worthwhile: at least I hope.